Split Personality Band

Split Personality Band


Split Personality is a new project to Central Florida that features two world class drummers (who happen to be married) Jenie & Billy Ashbaugh.

Over the years, they have toured or performed with:

The Moody Blues,Enrique Iglesias, Martina McBride, ’NSYNC, Pat Benatar, The BackStreet Boys, SNAP!, Tim McGraw, John Lodge, Britney Spears and Gloria Estefan.

At the end of 2022, the drumming couple decided it was time to start their own project. Split Personality is a four piece band that features Jenie (drummer/singer for local band CrashRocket) on vocals while playing drums along with her husband, Billy, accompanying her on drums. The drumming duo use two drum sets to engage the audience like never done before. While Jenie will occasionally come out front to sing, she definitely likes being behind the kit where she can engage her husband with drum parts and yes….the inevitable drum battles.



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